This blog chronicles the author’s journey from applied psychologist, research consultant, part-time educator, and employee to web entrepreneur.

Debbie is on her way towards launching her first website, Gleeg – under the company name Guango – in the summer of 2011.  Gleeg was borne out of Debbie’s desire to provide a popular social interface for teens where social gaming and sociability meet personal development and education in critical life skills.

Debbie loves teens and has built a personal and professional portfolio engaging with and understanding what interests and motivates the teen demographic. She continues to work with troubled teens and has in the past (in less busy times:)) worked on United Nations and other consultancy projects targeting teens, their attitudes, and behaviour.

Debbie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with First Class Honours in Psychology and a Master of Science with Distinction in Applied Psychology. She is presently reading for her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.

Debbie is the mother of one 14 year old daughter…and a 35 year old (dog years:)) dog.

Guangofounder will also feature posts on any and everything to do with Teen Psychology.  Please feel free to ask questions about your teen, your students, teens in general.  You can also follow Debbie on Twitter (@guangogleeg).

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