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3 Quick Tips To Get Your Teenager Back On Your Side



If you gave birth to a baby – or otherwise found yourself with one – between 1992 and 1998, you now have a teenager.  And you’re luckier than you might think. The fact alone that you’re reading this probably means that you really love your kid.  It also probably means that most days you wonder […]

Top 10 Shark Tank / Dragons’ Den Lessons



Hey guys! Those of you who follow me on Twitter may already have noticed that I’m a devoted fan of Shark Tank.  And Dragons’ Den. We’re fortunate to be able to view both versions of the British original – Dragons’ Den – here in Barbados compliments the wonderful world of cable TV. On ABC, we get the US’ Shark […]

Top 10 things I know now



1.  The first thing I know is that children are a blessing.  Children are a blessing when they’re ignoring you.  Children are a blessing when they remind you just how loathsome, out-of-touch, and vile they think you are.  And children are still a blessing when you’re not allowed to show any sign whatsoever that you […]

Outside of the box; inside a small island (Part 2)



Welcome back.  We left off with me about to relay my experience as a founder seeking capital investment in my startup, Guango…. Founders of startups distinguish themselves from what many call “small business people” by the very nature of startups themselves.  While both might start off small – small office (if any), small staff (if […]

Outside of the box; inside a small island (Part 1)



So, here I am again.  After last night’s fanfare cherry-popping event, today found me all warm and fuzzy, as I saw the visits to my inaugural blog climbing steadily throughout the day.  Thank you, each and everyone.   So much:). When I decided to start blogging about my journey from employee with an idea to […]

Hello world, from Barbados…coincidentally, also in the world



Here I am.  A blog virgin (blirgin?).  A very surprised blirgin.  If you’d asked me yesterday if I had a blog, or had even considered having a blog, right up until about 11:59pm I would’ve said “no”.  That’s what I would’ve said.  What I would’ve thought would’ve been a whole other matter.  I’m a little […]