About the Author

Hi guys!  Guangofounder is Debbie A. Nelson.

I’m a mother of one 14 year old daughter, Olivia and we are privileged to live with superdog, Lucky – a previously homeless dog I found wandering around campus five years ago.  Best dog ever.

Lucky relaxing at home (with me looking 'interesting')

Olivia’s terrific too.  She attends Barbados‘ top school on her academic merit (the top schools here are all state schools…so very different from the British system that I’m used to).  Olivia’s also incredibly funny, which is great most of the time – but notsomuch when I’m trying to keep a straight face and instill discipline…I feel a blog topic brewing…..

Liv and me


I’m 37 – a passionate, ambitious, loyal, etc. (aka more self-promoting adjectives) Leo. British born and raised, now living in Barbados in the Caribbean.

With two of my (visiting from UK) BFFs (best friends forever)

I received the most significant parts of my education (i.e. preschool, early primary schools, not included) at the following institutions:  Morcott Hall Boarding School for Girls, Wrekin College (mixed boarding school – better…of course), University College London, University of the West Indies, Barbados.

I founded Guango, an online social games/web community company in early 2011. I’m sole founder and brought my cousin, Andrew on board as my designer, developer, programmer…and business advisor.  He’s that good and rather impressively qualified/experienced. Guango’s first website, Gleeg (tagline: fun by yourself, better with friends) is on track for an early June 2011 launch.  Gleeg’s target market is the millions of teens who are online and who have demonstrated a need for what Gleeg offers…and frustration with the lack of sites that address that need.

With eight continuous years of management experience and six years working in consumer and teen behaviour research and interventions, the next logical step for me was to apply what I know, love, and do well to producing something for teens on the gargantuan scale that is the internet.  Our business model is sound, with projected revenues coming from two main sources.  We have a five-year exit strategy for any investors. We’re seeking funding but will launch with or without.

I have a BA (hons) in Psychology, an MSc in Applied Psychology (thesis on Consumer Behaviour), and am currently reading for my PhD in Educational Psychology.

Thank you for following me, Guango, and Gleeg; and please feel welcome to subscribe to receive emailed updates of my blog.

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  1. Annabel


    Love this Debs!


  2. Amelia Naaman


    Love love love this and you!! Well done Debs xxxx

  3. Thank you, ladies. Your support means everything! xx


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